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Unistar’s multipurpose Builders Film or sometimes known as Construction Film is commonly used in construction site or any general areas where strong cover or underlay is required. It provides protection from weather, dust and debris and chemicals.

Made out of durable Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), our construction film is optimally engineered with low biodegradable property making it suitable as moisture and vapour barrier, concrete underlay, roof protection sheets or simply as drop sheets for painting.

Unistar’s builders film is available in black, clear and orange as well as provided in continuous rolls of, and is available in a variety of thickness. Other colours are available upon request.

If you can’t find a stock size that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the film, please contact us today for a quote.

Builders/Construction Film

Features at a glance

  • Ideal as vapor barrier for concrete and between drywall and insulations.
  • Manufactured in accordance to Australian AS2870-2011 standard.
  • Protects from weather, dust, and debrus this an ideal drop sheet.
  • Can be used to cover a crawl space, under wood floors and in various other covering applications.
  • Available in black to conceal your products.
  • 50 to 300 in µm gauge (thickness).

Manufacturing Data

Material : Recycled LDPE Resin
Colour : Black / Orange / Clear
Manufacturing Standard : AS 2870 – 2011

Stock Sizes & Specifications

Black 2m x 50m x 250µm Roll
Black 4m x 50m x 200µm Roll
Black 2m x 50m x 200µm Roll
Black 2m x 100m x 150µm Roll
Black 4m x 100m x 100µm Roll
Black 2m x 100m x 100µm Roll
Clear 4m x 50m x 200µm Roll
Clear 2m x 200m x 50µm Roll
Clear 2m x 50m x 200µm Roll
Clear 2m x 100m x 150µm Roll
Clear 2m x 100m x 100µm Roll
Orange 4m x 50m x 200µm Roll
Orange 2m x 50m x 200µm Roll
Orange 4m x 50m x 300µm Roll

Construction Coverall Barrier

Transparent or black LDPE sheet suitable for DIY or contractors as barrier to contain dust in working area.

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